Whose responsibility is it to support students on Coursify.me?


Coursify.me is a technology and software development company in the area of ​​online education.

We provide technology so that people and companies can create and sell online courses over the Internet.

However, Coursify.me itself does not create and sell online courses.

All responsibility for supporting, creating and selling online courses rests with each school owner, that is, the customer of Coursify.me are the school owners and they must support and care for their students.

If you are a student who is looking for support, the first step is to contact the person responsible for the school and online course you are enrolled in, the school owner must provide all the support for you.

Coursify.me only helps students in situations of fraud, when for example a student buys a course and does not have access to it, in these situations we broker the conversation between the student and the school owner so that the situation is resolved as quickly as possible. fast as possible.

I hope this article helped you create your online course at Coursify.me.

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