How to track my students’ progress on my online course?

To track the percentage of progress of each student in their online course, there are two ways:

1) The first is to globally view all your students and view their progress in each course, for that click on the menu My school -> Students.


On the next screen, you will see the complete list of all students at your school, where you can also filter students by name or email.

You can click on the side arrow next to your student’s name to expand and see their progress in each online course.


In the example above, student Patrick Espake is enrolled in three courses, wherein one he completed 9% of the course, in another 44% and in the last he completed the course with 100%.

2) The second way to see students’ progress is to view by course, for that click on the menu My courses -> All courses.


Then click on the desired course card.


On the next screen, you will see all the statistics for your online course, you must scroll down to find the Students progress section and click to show all.


On this last screen, the system will display the progress of all its students in this specific course.


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