In what ways can I receive payments?

To receive payments from your students you have three options on

  1. PayPal
  2. PagSeguro
  3. Stripe

PayPal and Stripe are payment solutions accepted practically worldwide.

And PagSeguro is a very strong payment solution in the Brazilian market.

The first step is to have a seller account on at least one of the platforms above.

To create your account you can visit the following links:

– Paypal:

– Stripe:

– PagSeguro:

After creating your seller account it is necessary to integrate your account with PayPal, Stripe or PagSeguro, to do this go to the Resources -> Integrations menu within


Look for the Payment integrations section.


And click the Integrate button for the desired platform, then follow the integration instructions presented to you on the screen that will open.

With that done, your online school on is now able to receive payments from students and free access to courses in an automated way, selling 24/7.

When you create a paid online course, just choose whether course payments will be processed via PayPal, Stripe or PagSeguro.


I hope this article was helpful in creating your online course at

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