Can students pay for the course by billet?

Yes, your school’s website will be able to integrate with PagSeguro and, through this platform, your students will be able to automatically enroll and generate the corresponding payment slip.

Bearing in mind that if the student generates the ticket on the PagSeguro platform, there may be an additional fee. is not responsible for charging this additional fee. Therefore, it is important that you are informed about the amounts charged by PagSeguro.

For the student to make the payment by billet, he can access the course page and click on “Buy now”:


Once this is done, he will be directed to the PagSeguro website and will be able to choose the billet option to make the payment.

Another way to make this payment option available is for the school owner to generate the billet on his own, send it to his students and, after payment, manually enroll.

Check out an article on how to enroll manually at the following link:

How to enroll students in my online course?

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