What are the values ​​of Coursify.me plans?

Coursify.me has 3 different plans that offer different features for the construction and development of your online school.

Before joining a plan, you can analyze the features offered in each one, so that you can check which one best suits your business needs.

Below are the values ​​for each plan:

– Starter: Free.

– Pro: US$ 276 for the annual plan and US$ 29 for the monthly plan.

– Business: US$ 564 for the annual plan and US$ 59 for the monthly plan.

Note: if there are enrollments in paid courses, commissions are charged on the amount of enrollments.

For more information about the plans, visit: https://coursify.me/pricing

We hope this article has been helpful for you to create your online courses on Coursify.me.

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