How can the student enroll in a paid course?

When publicizing your courses, it’s important not to forget to offer guidance on the enrollment process, so that the student does not face difficulties.

Below, we present a step by step to assist your student in enrolling in paid courses, so that he can start his studies quickly and efficiently.

1) Access the school or course link provided by the school:


2) Click on “Buy now”:


3) Access the platform of your choice to make the payment:


4) Please note that there are 3 steps to complete enrollment.

In step 2, fill in the requested data and click on “Create my account”:


5) After that, you will be taken to the payment platform website. Log in and follow the instructions to make the payment:


6) After completing the payment, you can start your course and have access to the content:



With good guidance your student will have no doubts about how to enroll, so communication and support are essential.

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