How to use the API to consult courses and content?

API (Application Programming Interface) is the set of functions and programming standards that allows the integration and data access with external software components, operating systems or microservices.

The API acts as a data transmitter and connector between web platforms, applications or software. Ex .: the use of Google Maps within the websites of hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.

On, the APIs are used only to consult information, such as: the school can use the API to display course information on its website or internal systems, or even develop chat robots that make course suggestions for customers browsing the site. We also plan to offer the possibility of creating, editing or deleting a course via API.

At the moment, offers two APIs. Below is a step by step on how to find the documentation for each one.

1) Access the school platform menu> Resources> API:


2) Below is the first API that allows you to list all the school’s courses and their respective information:



3) The second API allows to consult the information of a specific course through the course code:


You can insert the APIs on your website or internal software to make it easier for the user to use and offer better features for your customer!

– Click here and learn more about API

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