How do I control the student’s access to course content?

To control the student’s access time to the course contents, you can de-enroll the student or exclude the enrollment when the agreed period between the parties expires.

To de-enroll the student, follow these steps:


1) On the school’s Home page, select the “My School” option from the menu:




2) Next, click on the “Students” option:




 3) On the screen that will appear, select the “Enroll” option.



4) Deselect the course you want to de-enroll the student:


 5) Select “Enroll”:


6) The student who is no longer enrolled in the course will no longer have access to the contents.


Another way to carry out this control is to exclude the student registration, however, you will lose the student data for future contact. Here’s how to do it:


1) Following the same path in the menu, access “My School” and “Students”:



2) Next to the student registration, select “Delete”:




3) When you see the following warning message: “Are you sure you want to remove this student? When you delete the student, all of his enrollments will be excluded”, click “OK”.



4) The student’s data and enrollment will disappear, and he will no longer have access to any course.



Note: If you have more than one student, the screen above will show the enrollment of other students.

Done! 🙂


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