Why is my platform requesting a credit card registration?

The following screen appears or a similar screen appears and you are unable to use your school’s platform?


When configuring your course as paid, the platform can generate commission charges for the amount of each enrollment.

In each platform plan there is a different percentage for the amount charged for commissions.

However, when making the first registration, it is necessary to register a credit card to make these monthly charges.

You have not made any sales and the platform is requesting a credit card?

Don’t worry, because when you manually enroll and the student has not yet paid, the credit card registration screen automatically appears on your school’s platform. Therefore, it is necessary to register a card, but if you did not obtain any sales, you will not be charged any commission.

Have you made a sale, when will the commission be charged?

Charges are made on the 1st of each month, and the amount of commissions is calculated according to the number of enrollments made in the previous month. Bearing in mind that if you performed test registrations, it is important to exclude these registrations until the 31st of each month, so that no commission is charged.

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