The student is unable to log in to the course, how to solve?

To solve this problem, you can perform some different procedures:

  • Make sure the student is entering the correct email to login.

To check the registered student’s email, follow the step by step below:

1) Access the menu of the school’s homepage and click on “My School” and “Students”:


2) Type the student’s name in the search bar and click on search. After that, the student’s email will appear below his name.


  • Change the student’s password.

If the email the student is using to login is correct, try changing the password and inform the student:

1) In the same “Students” section, click “Edit” next to the desired student icon.


2) Fill in the new password and select “Save Changes”.


  • Check if the student’s registration is valid.

If you changed the student’s password, but the problem has not been resolved. Check if the student’s registration is valid.

1) Through the “Students” section, click on “Enroll”.


2) On the next screen, check if the course is marked.

If so, enrollment is effective. If the course is not selected, you can enroll by selecting the desired course.


  • Make sure the school is “Active”.

If you followed the procedures in the options above and the problem has not been resolved, check if your school’s link is functioning normally by accessing your browser through an anonymous window.

If it’s not working, contact support at

  • Send an email with information and prints to, if you have not solved the student’s access problem.

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