What are Stripe’s sales rates?

Stripe’s sales rates will depend on the plan chosen by the seller:



– Successful card transactions: 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card transactions;

– Domestic bank transfers: 0.8% · $5.00 cap;

– Additional payment methods: Starting at 80¢ for iDEAL;

3D Secure authentication: 3¢ per 3D Secure attempt for accounts with custom pricing;

– Adaptive Acceptance: 0,08% per successful card transactions;

– Instant payouts: 1% of the volume of instant payments with a minimum fee of 50 ¢;

– SIGMA: Starting at 2¢;

– ISSUING (cards):

Card creation: 10¢ per virtual card and $3 per physical card;

Card transactions: first: $ 500,000 in card transactions and 0.2% + $ 0.20 per transaction after that;

International payments: Included 1% + 30 ¢ for international transactions If currency conversion is equired, an additional fee of 1% will apply;

– Refunds: No fees, but the fees for the previous payment are not refunded;

– Use Apple pay or Google pay: There are no additional fees.


The rates were not disclosed, for information it is necessary to contact the sales team of Stripe.

For more information access: https://stripe.com/pricing

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