How to advertise my course online?

After creating your course on, it is very important that you promote it to attract more students.

Especially if you are starting in this market, it is important to learn a little about digital marketing and study strategies that are of great value when promoting online courses.

Below we present 8 marketing tips that will help you in this disclosure:

  1. Transform likes into sales with Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows brands to create a virtual storefront within the social network, where followers can explore and even buy products without leaving the channel.

After setting up a business profile on Instagram and uploading a product catalog to Facebook (Instagram’s parent company), you are eligible to tag your courses in your feed and stories. Thus, users who view your content and are interested no longer need to navigate to your site if they want to make a purchase; instead, they can simply click on the product they are interested in​​to be taken to the sales page.

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  1. Optimize your website based on SEO

A website has to be attractive and informative, as these are basic requirements that involve the user. However, to generate traffic, it is necessary to work on optimization based on SEO standards.

This work aims to make adjustments that make a site more suited to what search engine algorithms – such as Google – require. As a result, you will get a better ranking, appearing at the top of SERPs.

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  1. Start a content marketing strategy

Developing a Content Marketing strategy is an excellent way to increase sales.

In addition to blog posts, you can use periodic communication via newsletter and social media. Launching video content via YouTubel, posting stories and broadcasting live are an excellent way to engage audiences today.

Optimized for SEO, these posts can attract the right leads, educate them, and generate the knowledge they need to make a buying decision.

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  1. Bet on customer reviews

Online consumers tend to be more cautious before closing a purchase, as they are not seeing the product/service and have no proof that it really works.

Therefore, the opinion of others has so much weight that it ends up becoming an important digital marketing action. Placing ratings and comments on your sales pages is a simple, proven way to turn more visitors into customers.

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  1. Use the referral marketing

Referral marketing can turn your most loyal customers’ enthusiasm into a steady stream of new business. The idea is to identify satisfied and loyal customers to your brand and, through some type of reward, encourage them to recommend your business to their own network of relationships.

The triumph of this strategy is that your prospects are far more likely to trust referrals from friends and family than ads.

  1. Automate and track your email marketing campaigns 

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing methods, and also one of the simplest. Email messages result in 66% of consumers making a purchase.

These emails should contain information about products, discounts, content offers, discount coupons, among other things. The idea is to bring your brand closer to the customer and create a lasting relationship with them.

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  1. Join an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission to advertise products of another person or company. To do this, the affiliate simply looks for a product/service he likes, advertises it and gets a share of the profit from each sale or lead earned.

Sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another. This is an excellent tool to boost the sale of online courses, since hundreds of people start promoting your course without you having to set aside money to pay them for it.

Working in partnership with affiliates, making your product attractive, with good commissions and rewards to provide your Top Affiliate base, your chances of increasing sales are much higher.

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  1. Increase your sales game with pop-ups

Another way to boost your digital marketing strategy is with pop-ups: windows that temporarily take over the visitors’ screens to present offers or news.

You can use pop-ups to attract a potential buyer with a discount offer, launch notice or to indicate a complementary product to what he is buying.

Pop-ups are used to present people with legitimately relevant offers, such as a limited-time discount, a pre-sale with unmissable conditions, etc.

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We hope this article was helpful for you to create your online courses on!

 Any questions, please let us know.