How can I view and reply my student’s comments?

Follow the step by step below to view and answer your student’s comments on

1) In the My Courses menu, you will always see a ball indicating the number of unread comments on your online courses.


2) To view the comments you must click on the menu My courses -> All courses and then the cards of your online courses will be displayed, in the upper right corner of each card, a ball will be displayed with the number of unread comments in each course.


3) Click on the course card to see your course statistics information.

4) The Recent comments on this course section will be displayed on the next screen, which displays unread comments in your online course.


5) You can click on the show all link:


6) And on the next screen click on the Reply button



As soon as you reply, the student will receive a notification email and your comment will also be available in the student area.

I hope this article was helpful for you to create your online courses on

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