If I change the value of my course from free to paid, will I be charged for existing enrollments?

Some schools may provide free courses for the first students to enroll, as a means of disseminating and attracting students.

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Therefore, Coursify.me does not charge a commission fee for existing enrollments in free courses, in case the school starts charging for it later.

Do you know how to change a free to a paid course?

Follow below:

First, you have to do the integration with the payment platforms of your choice (PagSeguro, PayPal or Stripe).

To learn how to create a seller account on these platforms, click on the links below:

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– How to create a Stripe seller account

To find out how to integrate with payment platforms click here!

1) Access the platform menu> My Courses> All Courses:


2) On the desired course card, click on “Edit Course”:


3) On the cover of the course, click on the option “Edit information”:


4) Under “Payment Information”, change the option free course to paid course:


5) Choose the currency, fill in the course fee, if you want to add installments, promotional amount, set the payment platform and save:


Done! The course was changed to paid and the next students must make the payment before enrolling.


Any questions, we are available!

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