How can I check which integrations I set up at my school?

Currently, on, it is possible to perform the following integrations with other platforms:

Content integrations

By default, allows you to upload content from your computer, smartphone and other devices. However, it is also possible to integrate with:

  1.       Dropbox

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  1.       YouTube

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  1.       Vimeo

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Payment integrations

  1. PayPal

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  1. PagSeguro
  2. Stripe

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Code integrations

  1.       Google Tag Manager

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It’s very simple to check which integrations you have set up in your school:

  1. Access your school at:;
  2. Mouse over the Resources menu;


      3. Click on Integrations;


Ready! On the next screen you can see the integrations you have in your school.

If you want to insert a new integration, click the Integrate button next to the desired option and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.


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